In The Dark with Leah Wiseman -

In The Dark with Leah Wiseman

From Dollface and the upcoming Family Possessions Leah Wiseman

Welcome to the first episode of In The Dark, with your host Lord Dixie and special guest Leah Wiseman.

Family Possessions poster with Leah Wiseman

Family Possessions poster with Leah Wiseman

Leah is an actress who can be seen now in the horror movie Dollface (originally titles Dorchester’s Revenge the Return of Crinoline Head) and will soon be seen in the paranormal slasher Family Possessions. Family Possessions is directed by Tommy Faircloth (Who also directed Dollface)

The show opens with a remix of Tito and Tarantula’s After Dark, ( used under creative commons.


Then Lord Dixie opens the show and introduces his comedic (well kind of) foil Sound Guy Willie. What is Willie up to in the corner? Do we really want to know?
After we have had more than enough of Willie theres a short musical break and at roughly 6:25 seconds Dixie welcomes Leah Wiseman to In The Dark.

They discuss Dollman, Family Possessions, horror conventions and random stuff, including the all important question, “Is Lizzie Mears nicer than her character in Dollface?”

Then another small break and we say fare well to Leah

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