Dead Sexy Radio Welcomes Tommy Faircloth and Kristina Lakey -

Dead Sexy Radio Welcomes Tommy Faircloth and Kristina Lakey

Dead Sexy Radio welcomes Kristina Lakey
Dead Sexy Radio welcomes Kristina Lakey

The beautiful and sexy Kristina Lakey on Dead Sexy Radio



This week on a very special episode of Dead Sexy Radio we welcome two very special guests. First up is director Tommy Faircloth. Tommy Faircloth is the director of the Indy horror film Dorchester’s Revenge, the Return of Crinoline Head. Dorchester’s Revenge is the followup to Tommy’s first film Crinoline Head and stars genre icon Debbie Rochon. Join Eliza Jayne and Dixie as they talk to Tommy Faircloth about Dorchester’s Revenge, and discuss low budget film making and the festival circuit.





Then Eliza Jayne and Dixie welcome model and burlesque dancer Kristina Lakey to Dead Sexy Radio. Kristina runs the Flint Zombie Walk, and is a founder of the Fischer Bodies Burlesque group, as well as being a model, actress, wife, mom, and big time horror fan. Talk about multi tasking! And yes, she is a real horror fan. Join your hosts as they talk to Kristina Lakey about burlesque, horror movies, horror conventions and swap war stories.

Along with this you get the usual jibber jabber from Eliza and Dixie about movies, power rangers, porn and time zones fuck ups. Not only that but we present our brand new theme music from Rob Zombie official cover band Zombie XXX. YEAH BABIES!!!!!

Ye olde time line

0:00:00 Theme song from Zombie XXX

0:00:40 Hello from Eliza Jayne and Dixie

0:02:36 Was it the Samurai or the Construction Worker

0:03:25 Power Rangers must be stopped before they kill again


0:07:35 Victor Salva still sucks (no puns please)

0:07:50 Naked Power Rangers

0:11:00 Call us Cerina Vincent

0:11:35 break

0:12:00 Welcome Tommy Faircloth director of Dorchester’s Revenge

0:42:35 break

0:43:00 Welcome Kristina Lakey to Dead Sexy Radio

01:28:48 Final break

01:29:10 The end is near

1:30:00 thank you and support our guests and death to all time zones

1:35:00 thank god it’s the end


Dead Sexy Radio

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