Dead Sexy Radio welcomes Tim Shockey and Elizabeth Mears -

Dead Sexy Radio welcomes Tim Shockey and Elizabeth Mears

Elizabeth Mears on Dead Sexy Radio


It’s a double guest bonanza on Dead Sexy Radio with Eliza Jayne and Dixie. This week the less than dynamic duo welcome prop collector and restorer Tim Shockey and actress Elizabeth Mears. Tim is most well known for his work restoring the Green Goblin head from Maximun Overdrive. Elizabeth most recent role is on Dorchester’s Revenge: The Return of Crinoline Head, directed by former Dead Sexy Radio guest Tommy Faircloth.

The show starts as always with our theme music by Zombie XXX. Have I told you lately how much we love Zombie XXX and how thankful we are to have them do our theme music? . Then we start talking horror movies, and OMG, Eliza Jayne has seen a movie! Finally!!! Eliza and Dixie discuss one of the most talked about horror movies in recent years, The Babadook. For those of you living in a hole in Bag End, The Babadook is an Australian horror movie directed by Jennifer Kent, about a children’s book that isn’t so child (or mom) friendly. Why do so many people love The Babadook, and even more strangely why do so many hate The Babadook?

Then Eliza Jayne and Dixie welcome their first guest Tim Shockey. Tim is a collector best know for buying the iconic Green Goblin head that was featured in Maximum Overdrive and his work to restore it. Tim tells us why he was so attracted to the head, and what drove him to purchase and restore it. It truly was an act of love and now Tim is sharing that with fans by touring with the head and attending conventions and film festivals, Listen in to find out where he can be found. Tim Shockey also tells fans where they can own an actual piece of the Green Goblin head, who doesn’t want a little head now and again? Hint go to or catch him at a show!

Lizzie Mears

Actress Lizzie Mears on Dead Sexy Radio from Dorchester’s Revenge

Green Goblin head

The iconic green goblin head from Maximum Overdrive

Then Eliza and Dixie welcome actress Elizabeth Mears from Dorchester’s Revenge: The Return of Crinoline Head. Fans may remember we interviewed the director of Dorchester’s Revenge earlier in the year. Elizabeth tells us about how it is to be a working actress in the South Carolina area. Of course we spend a lot of time talking about the movie Dorchester’s Revenge and her shocking death scene that earned her a Horror Society nomination. The film hasn’t been released on DVD yet, so you will have to catch it at a film festival or be patient. Patience is not Dixie’s strong point!

Then we have a few closing words and attempts at humor before we bring the show to an end!

00:00:01 Zombie XXX with our theme

00:00:40 Eliza Jayne and Dixie open the show with no personality


00:04:00 The Babadook

0:16:40 we really didnt talk a break so here is collector Tim Shockey

0:55:00 A quick break to Party Rock from Monsterous Rocking

0:56:00 Eliza Jayne and Dixie welcome Elizabeth Mears to Dead Sexy Radio

1:25:00 Quick California Love break with the DJ Ghostbuster remix

1:25:45 Thank God it’s almost over (I know you were thinking that, admit it)


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