In the Dark with Alena von Stroheim of Found Footage 3-D -

In the Dark with Alena von Stroheim of Found Footage 3-D

Alena von Stroheim has a violent encounter in Fo

This week on a very special early Christmas episode of In the Dark, Lord Dixie welcomes actress Alena Von Stroheim to the show. It’s somewhat of a short show with no filler and after a little Christmassy music, it’s on with the show.

Alena von Stroheim

Alena von Stroheim

What’s the number one rule of Found Footage?


Alena joins us to talk about her film Found Footage 3-D. Found Footage 3-D is currently wowing audiences on the festival and convention circuit.  Hopefully will be available soon on home media. Now, I’m no fan of  Found Footage movies,   but I loved this film. Along with Found Footage 3-D, Alena DOESN’T talk about some new and exciting projects because she cant. But at least we know shes got something cooking. Hopefully Alena will return when she can talk more about the projects.


Since it’s the Christmas season, Lord Dixie tries to take a call from Santa, but it doesn’t quite work out like it was planned.  And what the hell was Santa drinking.Then another call from a very unappetizingly named Christmas Elf.



Then a bit more chat before we start the LIGHTENING ROUND. You can see the fear in Alena’s eyes. Well if it was a video podcast, but pretend you see it. Over all, Alena was a trooper,  and a great guest.   We  want to thank her for putting up with us, especially  when things don’t go the way they were planned.


Look at this as an early Christmas episode. I am hoping to do one more episode before Christmas.   A true Christmas/holiday show, but between work and the holidays, it’s hectic and time is short.  If this is our last chance to connect, then Happy  Holidays to everyone.  Be nice and hope Santa slips something good into your stocking. Once again, very special thanks to our guest Alena von Stroheim, and keep an eye out for Santa because he has his eyes on you!


This episode contains musical slips from Albert King, Clearance Carter, and Shirley Temple used under fair use doctrine.


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