Podcasting: How to Start Your Own Podcast Ep 1 -

Podcasting: How to Start Your Own Podcast Ep 1

How to podcast. Get a mic

So you want to do a podcast? Well it’s incredibly easy and inexpensive to start your own podcast. Unfortunately it’s also can be incredibly complicated and expensive. It kind of all depends on what you want to do, what your goals are. The podcasting bug hit me a few years ago. Ow the desire to be a radio host of some sort had hit me 10 years or more ago. But it was a pipe dream. One of those fantasies you talk about with friends but you never can take the time to learn the ropes. Or just cant make the leap away from steady full time worker to disc jockey.


Podcasting made easy

Podcasting can be very inexpensive and easy. Can being the operative word

You can podcast for free!

Podcasting was different though, you don’t need a radio station, you don’t need corporatist backing, although that would be nice and if you want to sponsor me, leave a comment. Most of all podcasters were, for the most part, people just like you and me. So it seemed possible that I could jump into the podcasting waters and at least stay afloat.


Now depending on who you talk to Podcasting is either a exciting way to reach people, a fad that has seen it’s best days and in decline, or already dead. Well it definitely isn’t dead, and in some respects it’s hotter than ever. Celebrities and journalists are now doing podcasts who would have never considered it when the medium was new. This is great news for fans of listening to podcasts, however it does crowd the field and make it harder for a new, and smaller podcast to get noticed.

After starting and ending my first podcast, after blogging for around 10 years,  I now host one podcast, and co-host another. In the near future I will start up and co-host a third podcast, this one broadcast live. This will be a totally new experience for me, and could be my most successful. I’m writing this to say that while I am certainly not an expert, I think I have advanced somewhat beyond being a beginner.

Podcasting from Scratch

While my first podcast never gained and held the audience I wanted, I learned a lot from the experience. I came into the game with absolutely no knowledge about the medium. I didn’t ask for help, I used google and Youtube, spent hours listening before I brought my first show online. So, while I will repeat, I am no expert, and I am still learning, I think I can pass on some of what I have learned. I am confident that I could walk anyone into starting their first podcast and getting it listed on Itunes. So I am going to pass that info along here, in hopes I can help someone else get started. Maybe we can even learn together.

Hannah Elizabeth Smith- In the Dark

Hannah Elizabeth Smith guest on In the Dark

I hope to show both ends of the spectrum. How you can produce and publish a podcast without spending any money (providing you already have a computer). I will also show you how to start one with varying levels of expense. We will talk about the services and hardware I use and hope to upgeade to at some point. My next podcast I will walk through the steps I took on the technical side to publish my first podcast.

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