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Leah Wiseman on In The Dark

So the cat’s out of the bag. I have decided to start a new podcast, In the Dark. Actually I have been planning and dreaming of this for quiet awhile but now it has come to fruition. Our first episode of In The Dark will go live in just a few days, featuring our very first guest, actress Leah Wiseman,

Dead Sexy Radio presents In The Dark with Leah Wiseman

If you aren’t familiar with Leah Wiseman, you can watch her on the film Dollface from director Tommy Faircloth and Horse Creek Productions. You can also see Leah in the horror film Dismembering Christmas and especially in the upcoming Supernatural slasher film Family Possessions, also from Horse Creek Productions.

Leah Wiseman comes to In The DArk

Leah Wiseman comes to In The DArk

In our conversation with Leah, we will talk about her roles in both Dollface, and Family Possessions, what it’s like to work with director Tommy Faircloth. We will also talk a little about horror conventions and whatever else comes to mind.


Along with our conversation with Leah, In The Dark will also introduce our favoite punching bag, and all around royal ego case, Sound Guy Willie. Sound Guy Willie will supposedly be running the soundboard and helping with audio quality. However who knows what Willie will actually be doing in that dark corner… Do we really want to know?

This is the first episode of In The Dark, but it wont be the last. The first show is in the can, much like Sound Guy Willie’s writing career, and just waiting to uploaded. The actual Podcast will be available on Dead Sexy Radio. com, and eventually at it’s own website.


From Dollface and the upcoming Family Possessions Leah Wiseman

From Dollface and the upcoming Family Possessions Leah Wiseman

Upcoming guests will include celebrities, and non celebs who have an interesting story. We hope to have a show that is both interesting and entertaining. With your support we can grow, we can get bigger guests, and bring back guests for more fun. But first off, lets get ready to give a big welcome to Leah Wiseman In The Dark, courtesy of Dead Sexy Radio and Lord Dixie’s Dark Domain.


In 1996, nine college students headed off for a fun weekend at a lake house on Horse Creek. At the house, they uncovered the horrific story of Dorchester Stewart, also known as Crinoline Head, and his doll-maker mother, who once lived in the house. That weekend, six students were killed, two survived and one went missing. Now twenty years later, one of the survivors, Paul Donner, is teaching at the college he once attended. When his students discover an old newspaper article about the tragedy, they decide to visit the old lake house to learn more about Crinoline Head. While looking for answers, they discover something much more terrifying. DVD Extras: Auditions, Outtakes, and Extended Scenes.
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